Advantages of Online Backups

Constantly IT understands that no two businesses are the same, each company has different requirements and as such CIT offer fully managed backup services that fit in with those demands. 


Easier: Backups are fully automated on a daily basis or on a frequency set by yourself. You can automatically backup as many times a day as you like. This means you never have to get involved with taking backups home, switch tapes etc. 

Safer: You will receive an e-mail notification with a comprehensive report detailing new, changed and deleted file information after every backup. This form of reporting puts you in total control of your backup process. 

More privacyAll backups are encrypted at source and your data can only be read with your own password. Even PerfectBackup cannot read your data. Online backup solutions from PerfectBackup are now acknowleged as being the most secure way to backup your data. 

More locations: We store your data at different locations in different countries in purpose built online backup data centres. As a result, it is impossible to lose data due to natural disaster so you never run the risk of losing any backups. You can transfer data back to your PC or to any other system of your choice anywhere in the world. 

More versions: While restoring files you can choose from many different versions - yesterday, last week, three months ago and so on. These older versions can be restored to any location on your hard disk or network. 

Easy restore: Restoring your files is incredibly simple. This can either be done straight from the software or by logging on to where you can select the files you need to restore. Anytime, any place, anywhere! 

Cheaper: Making conventional backups costs time and effort. Making online backups is a fully automated process, which enables you to focus on your work instead.


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