Reliable, fast and friendly service

CIT provides servicing and maintenance to your home. This saves you time because you don't have to take your computer back to the shop only to find it was a network fault. We can visit you, or remote onto your machine usually within a couple of hours. Whether it is a computer, PC, network, software or internet problem we can fix it with the minimum disruption to you.


In a non technical manner, we will obtain from you as much information as possible about the fault. We can then advise whether the problem is best suited to an on site visit or due to the nature of the fault, a workshop repair would be the most cost effective route. For certain faults, we can, under your permission, take control of your computer and fix the problem remotely. Once we have ascertained the best route forward, we will then arrange a time that is convenient for you to carry out the repair.

Faults we can assist you with include: 


  • Computer will not switch on
  • Computer freezes or locks whilst in use
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • Assisting with Broadband Service issues
  • Computer slow to load or slow when in use
  • Trouble connecting to the Internet or slow browsing speed whilst on the Internet
  • E-mail problems
  • Clear up virus and Spyware infections
  • Software application errors
  • Network connection problems
  • Wireless Network problems
  • Data backups prior to and subsequent recovery when returning a computer to the manufacturer
  • Printer and other device faults


For an informal, no obligation quote, please ring 08432 892 335 or send us a message via our contact page.